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A narrative and photographic memoir highlighting the journey of an independent performing songwriter
from the days of vinyl and intimate coffee house performance art,
into the realm of compact discs, YouTube videos, and digital downloads.
Stricklan takes you along on his adventures of writing hundreds of songs,
recording, and performing music with a stunning array of gifted friends and colleagues.
From the shores of Ambergris Cay and bayous of Louisiana, to the Texas honky tonks
and legendary coffee houses nestled in the Rocky Mountains...
this a true tale about 50 years of making music, featuring over a hundred vintage photographs.
Jim's complete discography, CD catalogue, rare posters, and a player's' honor roll are included.



I began kicking around the idea of Front Room Music as “a publishing house and song treasury” in 1973, right around the time I left KBPI-FM. That’s where the early chapters of my musical odyssey began; playing in front rooms, back yards, and some rather amazing Denver coffee houses. The songwriters and artists who made music then and there are forever woven into the fabric of my musical and spiritual existence. In 1976 FRM became official, up in Colorado. That year coincided with Centennial and Bi-Centennial celebrations and my song "No Resistance" was getting good airplay, so it seemed like an excellent time to launch Front Room Music. FRM 40th ANNIVERSARY EVENT AT SIMM'S IN LAKEWOOD, COLORADO click here for more photos and story about this special celebration!

"BACK TO THE GARDEN" YARD CONCERTS click here for story and photos..
ANNUAL SHOWS AT HILL'S CAFE IN AUSTIN click here for story and photos..
BERTHOUD COLORADO FARM FEST click here for story and photos..
SWALLOW HILL CONCERTS IN DENVER click here for story and photos..
JIM'S 60TH BIRTHDAY at Brook Forest Inn click here for story and photos..

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We specialize in festivals, house concerts, and private events.
Jim is also a skilled narrator and does top-notch professional voice work.

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FRONT ROOM MUSIC VOLUME 2 CD featuring eight songwriters: Jack Mathes, Angi Feld-Partlan,
Jim Withers, Steve Brooks, David Romero, Mike Lucas, Sally Townes and Jim Stricklan.
"This music is not just Americana, it is nothing short of a tour of America!" Tony Talalay
Check out the special "in memorium" video of Jim Wither's Tall Timbers .
Treat yourself to this sublime collection of original songs!
And be sure you have THE FRONT ROOM MUSIC ALBUM,
the companion collection released in 2003!

MUSIC MOUNTAIN - a novel by Jim Stricklan
Experience a world of music, mountains and mystery, set in Colorado.
Paper back copy available on our Books webpage
E-books available through Outskirts Press

Songwriter Justin Locke has all the talent to make it big,
yet can't seem to catch a break until a mysterious angel waltzes
into his life in a notorious mountain saloon in Evergreen, Colorado.
When a powerful music critic tries to destroy Justin's blossoming career,
a turbulent chain of events is unleashed. Driven by his passion for music,
Justin risks losing the love of his life, his friends, and even his amazing band
- on a wild, treacherous journey to the top of Music Mountain.