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a music memoir by Jim Stricklan

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A narrative and photographic memoir highlighting the journey of an independent performing songwriter from the days of vinyl and intimate coffee house performance art, into the realm of compact discs, YouTube videos, and digital downloads. Stricklan takes you along on his adventures of writing hundreds of songs, recording, and performing music with a stunning array of gifted friends and colleagues. From the shores of Ambergris Cay and bayous of Louisiana, to the Texas honky tonks and legendary coffee houses nestled in the Rocky Mountains...this a true tale about 50 years of making music. This book features over a hundred vintage photographs that help bring the story alive. Jim's complete discography, CD catalogue, rare posters, and a player's' honor roll are included.

a memoir by John B. Ryland

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From a star-struck Neil Young fan in Memphis, Tennessee, to a sagacious DJ and record promoter, John Ryland takes you on an insightful — and often outrageous — trip inside the provocative world of the radio and music industries. Beginning as a part-time disc jockey in a makeshift studio in Korea, to a maverick DJ in Denver, Colorado, and finally, to a savvy record promoter, his story is both entertaining and insightful. For anyone whose dream is being a DJ or a music promoter, you may find this right up your alley. Ryland takes you from the heights of his exciting and flourishing career to the depths of his fall. His analysis of how corporate radio has controlled and suppressed the talents of gifted disc jockeys picks up where Tom Petty’s The Last DJ ends.

Check out the cool slideshow music video to go behind the scenes with John!

a novel by James Stricklan

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Music Mountain by Jim Stricklan, is a romantic/mystery novel set in Colorado. Songwriter Justin Locke has all the talent to make it big, yet can't seem to catch a break until a mysterious angel waltzes into his life, in a notorious mountain saloon in Evergreen Colorado. When powerful Denver music critic Zak Ballantine tries to destroy Justin's blossoming career, a turbulent chain of events is unleashed. Driven by his passion for music, Justin risks losing the love of his life, his friends, and even his amazing band - on a wild, treacherous journey to the top of Music Mountain.

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Reader Reviews:

David S.: Great write!!!!!! The story is well paced (much like your songwriting)...that pours out a little at a time while keeping the reader in suspense with twists and turns that don’t feel forced. And most interesting, you added an undercurrent of tutorial as the story unfolds that allows musician and non-musician readers alike to keep up with the finer points of the music business. That’s no easy task! Overall, the writing was fluid, almost poetic in places, and there were no rabbit holes...Having lived in Colorado (myself) for 10 years... all those CO towns and canyons and trains and radio stations and venues brought back a flood of (mostly) good memories! The Buckhorn, Oxford Hotel, The Mayan and Rainbow Theaters and the “infamous” Little Bear Inn(s) (1 & 2)! Made me wanna crank up the Hammond M3 again! Well done Jim! More please! PS: When is the movie coming out?

Warner R.: I enjoyed it throughout. Learned a lot of stuff I didn't know before. Thoroughly entertained. Fast moving. Appealing people and wonderful descriptions.

Phillip J.: This story has everything -- passion, crime, glamour, humility, laughter, sorrow, buddies, and romance, as well as a slice of Americana, providing a vivid depiction of Denver in the 1980's... It remains achingly honest, about the characters and about human nature in general, but never grows cynical... The story is believable and richly woven... commendable first novel.

Mary Ann A.:The characters are well-drawn and colorful. I found myself really caring about what happened to each and every one... healthy doses of romance and suspense. For someone trying to break into the music business, or someone who has always wondered about what really goes on behind the scenes of the industry, this is the book for you!

Heidi V: If you are interested in the music business, wish you'd been there for the colorful Colorado music scene in the 1980s, enjoy a suspenseful mystery/thriller, or just like a darn good romance, this is a book for your collection!... Stricklan was there and has captured the energy and ambiance of the Colorado setting. His writing has some lovely, lyrical moments...This is a fun read!

C. Burke: It fulfills every mystery lover's desire for justice in spades but is also a book full of rich dialogue and wonderful, full characters. I haven't enjoyed a new read so much in years"

Rebecca J. H.: This book reads like a screenplay for a Lifetime Movie. The hero is a very likeable character. He is a good and gentle soul trying to reach for the brass ring of success in the music industry. You find yourself rooting for him to make it big because the author makes you care about this guy. It is the music that matters to him not the trappings of success. We can all relate to the villain in this book. Who hasn't come across a maelevolent life force who operates out of a sense of jealousy and frustration to create chaos in other lives? I suppose that is what makes this book fun to read...good triumphs over evil! Following Justin's life journey was a hoot; listening to live music is a lot like this book.

Songs by Jim Stricklan transcribed by Alison Pryce and Scott Jacob Loehr

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Jim's original gospel songs from THE 2002 JACOB'S LADDER CD have all been professionally transcribed and presented in a songbook! It features two sections; one of lyrics and one with music scores. Included are Jim's award winning songs "I See Thee Lord," "When Jesus Plays Dobro," and "Sweet Redeemer" (from Jim's AN AMERICAN FAMILY ALBUM CD). Whether providing new worship music at your church, or inspirational music at home, JACOB'S LADDER, the songbook, will make a wonderful gift for you and your loved ones. And if you don't yet have the above mentioned CDs, go to the MUSIC page to order them.

Songs by Jim Stricklan transcribed by Elbereth Howard

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The Universal Sigh Songbook "is a far-reaching and definitive collection of some of Jim’s finest songs. These songs were handpicked by Jim for publication, and delightfully transcribed with musical notation by Elbereth Howard. This distinctive gathering of songs offers the reader/listener momentary revelations of majestic landscapes, overflowing human emotions, light-hearted tales, and good-time rhythms. It provides a peek into the soul of the writer who penned the words and music." (excerpt from introduction by David Romero)


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The Daydreamer Songbook is a way of both celebrating and bringing visual context to the eight years of recordings included in the three Daydreamer Triology CDs . Aside from beautiful photos and graphics, there are lyrics to all 40 songs and scored music to three instrumentals in this book. The Daydreamer Trilogy contains Jim's most personal work and was recorded in the Front Room Music studio in South Austin.