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It was a magical weekend at the Brook Forest Inn, in the mountains near Evergreen Colorado, as long-time friends and dear family members gathered on August 10-11, 2007 under the tall pines and blue spruce to celebrate the universal spirit of love and music, on the occasion of Jim's 60th birthday. The circle remained unbroken, with Saturday evening's music jam by and for friends in true Front Room Music style.

Eighteen musically-gifted guests served us a wonderful buffet of American musical styles: folk, country, western, bluegrass, blues, rock, pop, swing and jazz, mixing together in three hours of original songs of life, love, pain, joy and hope born from the lessons of so many lives intertwined. A real Rocky Mountain high-time was had by all, as treasured friendships were renewed and new friends discovered.

Our fabulous Brook Forest Birthday Jam included (in rough order of appearance):

Rick Stricklan, Jim's cousin from Eldorado Texas, on guitar and vocal
Maynard Mills, friend from Denver, on dobro and vocal
Russell Rightrup, friend from Denver, on harmonica and vocal
Terry Lewis, friend from Denver, on bass
Nick Stoner, friend from Denver, on guitar and vocal
Jim Withers, friend from Denver on keyboards
Stephen Fulton, friend from Denver, on guitar and vocal
Joanne Stato, friend from Denver (now in Baltimore), on keyboards and vocal
Phil and Debi Jones, friends from Austin, on guitars and vocals
Liz Masterson, friend from Denver, on guitar and vocals (with yodeling!!)
Larry Rothwell, friend from Denver and Austin, on guitar and vocal
"Ranger" Butch Hause, friend from Berthoud, on bass
Eric Amelang, friend from Texas Tech (now in Houston), on guitar and vocal
Leslie Stricklan, Jim's wife, on percussion and vocals
and the Brook Forest Chorus: Mary "Woo" Love, Joanne Stato and Noreen Melliadis, on vocals

Special thanks must also be given to:
Terry Lewis for providing the PA and making everyone sound so good all night,
Stephen Fulton for providing the slide show equipment,
Scotty Borgeson and Lin Sutherland for assisting with still photography and videography
Andrea and the Brook Forest Inn staff who took such good care of everything
Thanks to you all who helped us make this happen by being there body and soul, and also to those who joined us in spirit.

Like the saying goes, "We've got rhythm, we've got music...who could ask for anything more." Like a dream, that night has passed, but the beautiful memory will linger on. Thanks to everyone who took and sent us photos to share.

At the Buckhorn on Thursday: Leslie and Jim / Lin / Jim and Eric

At the Buckhorn on Thursday - Cindi and Douglas / Little Bear Gang in Evergreen/ Jim and Leslie in Georgetown

At Red Rocks on Friday - Jim, Eric and Mary Ann / Elk at Brook Forest

Arrival afternoon at Brook Forest: Roof deck jam with Jim / Larry and Jim / Phil and Debi

Larry and Phebe / Retha and Clark / Jim and Judy

Party afternoon at Brook Forest: Jim W loading in / Barb and Tim / Phil and Debi

Diana and Jim / Russell / Hullum clan

Debi, Phil and Phebe/ Scotty and Gerry / Larry and Jim W.

Birthday Jam: Jim, Rick and Russell / Maynard, Terry and Jim (Photos by Joann Evans)

Jim and Scott (Photo by Joann Evans)

Morning of farewells: Jim, Tim and Rob / Lin, Leslie and Jim / Linda and Rob