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Watch these live performance videos from the 2010 show:

Antero Rising

Hills Cafe Show Sampler

Jim Stricklan and Friends first show at the legendary Hill's Cafe in south Austin presented a special showcase and jam in 2003 to celebrate the release of the Front Room Music multi-artist compilation CD. The courtyard patio was the perfect setting for this event, which was also a spirited reunion party for the lucky folks who shared Jim and Larry's musical adventure in Belize ten years earlier. (Photo right of Larry Rothwell)

Jim returned to Hills in 2006 for a winter season indoor show, accompanied by Doug Taylor, Greg Lowry, and Leslie S. From then on, Jim and Friends have played an annual fall show at Hills, typically under the majestic oaks in the courtyard. First and foremost among Jim's musical friends, Larry Rothwell played the 2007 shows in fine form, but for whom 2008 sadly was his farewell performance. The 2009 show honored Larry with an empty chair on stage. Still the shows have continued each year, magical and memorable, with wonderful musical variety, special guests and a friendly party atmosphere. In 2010 and 2011 Butch Hause, a top bass player in Colorado, joined the show along with his lovely wife Sarah Lincoln. Other special musical guests over the years have included Steve Brooks, Michael Romero/"Strumero", David Romero, John Napier, Mike Davis and Alicia Gill. Players have also included George Coyne, Chuck Ditto, Bill Baskin and Cara Cooke.

Enjoy these photos from the shows over the years, and better yet, mark your calendar to join the fun at the next show!

JANUARY 2007 with THE OCCASSIONAL BAND and Special Guest David Romero - photos by Leslie Stricklan

OCTOBER 2007 with THE OCCASSIONAL BAND and Special Guests Mike Davis and Alicia Gill - photos by Leslie Stricklan

OCTOBER 2008 with THE OCCASSIONAL BAND: LARRY'S FAREWELL - photos by Tom Warkoczewski

OCTOBER 2009 with THE DAYDREAMERS - photos by Rick Stricklan

OCTOBER 2010 with THE DAYDREAMERS and Special Guest Strumero - photos by Sarah Lincoln

OCTOBER 2011 with THE DAYDREAMERS and Special Guest David Romero - photos by Rick Stricklan