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acoustic originals

Like a "house-concert-in-a-box",

the "Day Dreamer" signature series

is a limited-edition, signed and numbered 3-CD box set,

presenting Jim's complete home recordings of 48 original

song gems from his vast catalog.

Truly a collector's item for Americana and Texas music lovers!

Buy the 3 CD box set now for $20 through Paypal.

Daydreamer CD - 18 songs listed below

Daydreamer 2 CD - 15 songs listed below

Daydreamer 3 CD - 15 songs listed below




Never Too Old

Hill Country Song
Pepper Tree People
Delta Blues
Taylor-made Love
Sharlene's Song
Neither Here Nor There
The Reason
Driver Cemetary Blues
Song for 3 Friends
Song for Scott
What Love Is For
Stephen L.
Jacob's ladder
Old Daydreamer
Nuclear Arms
Get a Life

Ode to the 20th Century
Jim Beam & Deep Rock
My Lover's Eyes
Last Time I Saw Budda
Chocolate Soldiers
Riverboat Man
Leslie My Love
Buffalo Along the Cimarron
Song 4 Joe & Tree
Workin' for the ERS
Me and Romero
Jewel of Freestone County
Uncle Leon Played the French Harp

Chew the Fat
Waltz For Kay on Wednesday

digitally remastered plus new bonus tracks

Beautiful Things
January Wind
One Light Year at a Time
Lobster Song
Church Street Blues
Mama's Stereo
The Catnap Waltz
The Conversation
Indian Cotton
Chevrolet Canyon
Permanent Lover
Antero Rising video

Mustard Seed
Jim's Jam


What’s in a name? Jim Stricklan records under the moniker Front Room Music, and this collection’s like spending a long evening, sitting around a porch or a living room, with some old whiskey and an older friend. There’s a lot of catching up to do. Four decades of bouncing around, between Texas and Colorado and between stage and studio, have left him with plenty of stories to tell. Some are rowdy. Some are intimate. Some make you want to pour another beer, just so you can cry in it. Like the hats and the autographed albums hanging on the wall, each one feels handmade, bearing the personal touch of the man who created them. You hear that touch in his graceful fingerpicking, in a voice that’s weathered and warm as the boards your feet are tapping. Musically, the styles run from folk to jazz, rock to samba. What glues them together is a theme of friendship. You may not know Romero, Budda or Uncle Leon personally. But once he’s sung about them, you do. “They all can make me laugh,” Jim sings, “and all can make good rhymes.” The singer-songwriter is often pictured as a lone troubadour, a John Wayne who rides his guitar into the sunset. Jim’s Daydreamer trilogy reminds us that songwriting is a social activity. He introduces us to the compadres he’s ridden beside, along that dusty road between Denver and Austin. By the time his last notes ring, you’re one of them.

Steve Brooks, Frog Records,

It was Leslie’s idea to feature these home recordings in a limited-edition, artist signature box-set; some of which will be contributed to libraries, folk music organizations, and institutions of higher learning. Only sixty specially packaged boxes will be signed, numbered, and offered [for sale] to the public by Front Room Music, our Austin-based publishing house and song treasury. I made these home recordings on a Tascam 564 digital portastudio recorder-mixer over a six-year stretch. Using AKG studio mics and various acoustic guitars, I established a rhythm of producing, then publishing a very limited number of these CDs. Daydreamer 1 {vocal and guitar} was mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Digital Audio in Austin and first released in 2001. Inspired by my late Uncle Leon Stricklan (a gifted story-teller and harmonica player), I added my own harmonica parts to volumes two and three, and experimented with minimal over-dubbing, recorded by George Coyne at Parrot Tracks in South Austin. Four instrumental compositions are included among the bonus tracks in the Daydreamer signature box-set series. Leslie Stricklan’s hand-drawn artwork is featured on Daydreamer 1. The cover of Daydreamer 2 is a reversed-out graphic design based on an original painting by Richard Myers, an artist friend from my “hippie daze.” An "embossed" variation of a photo of me {taken by Leslie} graces the cover of Daydreamer 3. CD Makers in Austin helped design volume 3 and manufacture our new Daydreamer box set.

Jim Stricklan ~ May 2013


For additional credits see liner notes above. Daydreamer 2 guest performers also played on Daydreamer 3.
Photos from left to right: Steve Brooks, George Coyne, Leslie Stricklan, Charles Ditto, Doug Taylor, Greg Lowry.


Jim – vocals, acoustic guitars, and harmonica


Steve Brooks – harmonica on Beautiful Things
George Coyne – dobro on Mama’s Stereo, guitar solo on Armadillo Man
Charles Ditto – keyboards on Jim’s Jam, accordion on Permanent Lover
Leslie Stricklan – percussion, backing vocals, and tracking assistance
Doug Taylor – mandolin on Catnap Waltz and spiritual guidance
Greg Lowry – accordion on Catnap Waltz and Church Street Blues, alto recorder on Antero Rising and banjo on Mama’s Stereo

Recorded at Front Room Music Studio--Austin, TX 2004--2006
Overdubs, mixing & mastering at Parrot Tracks Studio--Manchaca, TX
Produced by Jim Stricklan and George Coyne

All songs by Jim Stricklan © 2006+2013 FRONT ROOM MUSIC™
Cover Photo of Jim on Daydreamer 3 by Leslie Stricklan © 1988
Graphic assistance on Daydreamer 3 by CD Makers ~ Austin, TX

Special thanks to Leslie Stricklan for helping me through this decade of homework and for dreaming up the Daydreamer box-set package!
And, thanks to fellow songwriter Steve Brooks for his liner notes.

Dedicated to my step-father William Robert Hoard, and my brothers James Robert Hoard and Cecil Douglas Hoard,
with whom I have shared many wonderful adventures in this life.


The Daydreamer Songbook is a way of both celebrating and bringing visual context to the six years of home recordings included in the three daydreamer CDs. Aside from beautiful photos and graphics, there are lyrics to 40 songs and scored music to three instrumentals. The Daydreamer Trilogy contains a lions share of my most personal work, recorded in the Front Room Music studio of our Austin home.

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