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Folk, Americana

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Texon, My Little Town video
Billy George’s Mandolin
Soldiers Joy
Chocolate Soldiers
Sweet Redeemer
Jewel of Freestone County
The Lobster Song
When Dianne Was a Baby
Chewin’ Fat
Mama’s Stereo
Church Street Blues
Cousin of Mine
Chevrolet Canyon
Freestone County Folk Song
Wake Me Up (when the coffee’s ready)
My Favorite Cowboy
Uncle Leon Played the French Harp
Owens Street
America the Beautiful
Life’s Railway to Heaven
Narrative interludes in order of appearance:

Lucille Rosser - family reflection; Willie Diez - story about fishing;
Douglas Hoard - turkey joke; Debi Morton - tribute to Bonnie;
Jim Stricklan - story about Chevrolet Canyon; Dianne Gallaway - radio jingle;
Melanie Stricklan - Pledge of Allegiance; Darrell Horn - "The Long Haul" by Bob Horn;


Jim Stricklan ~ lead vocals, guitar, and harmonica
Greg Lowry ~ dobro, banjo, accordion
Doug Taylor ~ bass, backing vocals
George Coyne ~ rhythm guitar, dobro
Cara Cooke ~ mandolin, harmonica
Mike Fowler ~ fiddle
Julie Adams ~ cello
SOLDIERS JOY (recorded in Lakewood, CO 1980):
Eddie Joe Smith: Billy George’s mandolin
Jim Stricklan, Jack Mathes, & Steve Fulton: guitars

All songs by Jim Stricklan © 2009 Front Room Music / BMI, except:
America the Beautiful by: Katharine Lee Bates and Samuel A. Ward, and
Life’s Railway to Heaven (traditional) - recording used by permission.
Soldier's Joy (traditional)


I’m a fifth generation Texan with many ancestors from North Carolina and Tennessee. Ancestors on both sides {Hullums—on my mother’s side and Stricklans—on my father’s side} fought in the Confederate army during the Civil War, and later settled in Texas. As times were hard and jobs scarce, both families seemed to have moved back and forth from east to west Texas during the first half of the Twentieth Century.
Consequently, I claim strong roots in both areas. Although I lived in Denver, Colorado for fifteen years as a young adult, I was born and raised in west Texas, and my wife Leslie and I have lived in central Texas for the past twenty years. I’ve worked on these songs for many, many years and {primarily at my mother’s request} am finally bringing them together with a limited selection of photos as a fitting tribute to my families…our American families.

JS ~ 2009



is dedicated to:
both sides of my family,
and especially to you…

The Hullums and the Terrys
by marriage and by blood,
The Stricklans and the Daniels;
Hoards and Horns,
and Ashley Judd…
(who sadly is unrelated)

The Rossers, Speeds, and Minchews
of every shape and size;
The Westbrooks and the Harwells,
not forgetting Browns and Diez.

The Capeks and the Dudas,
whose songs are yet unsung;
and all our distant relatives—
the ancient and the young.

Our grandpas and our grandmas—
and all our moms and dads—
our uncles, aunts, and cousins,
nephews, nieces--gals and lads.

Too many names to mention,
but I sing for one and all—
the folks who came before us,
and those still too young to crawl.