The cover art for the UNIVERSAL SIGH CD was created by BAH! Design, featuring a photo of Neely Ashmun by Thomas Pantin, used by permission.

Leslie Stricklan shot the series of abstract ovals taken at the Skyspace by artist James Turrel, one of the "Landmarks" public art installations on campus at the University of Texas in Austin. Thanks to Deborah Rothschild for the VIP access!
Also shot by Leslie:
basket of white orchids at Chateau Chenonceau in the Loire Vally, France, in 2009
tiny white Snow Cone Candy Tuft, which bloomed immediately after the melting of the historic snow of the "Big Freeze" in Texas, February 2021
Jim and Miss Pearl, Front Room studio, 2020
flowering vine in Jim & Leslie's garden

Bruce Woodburn Capek, father of Leslie Capek Stricklan, took the vintage family photos of Leslie and brother Mike on aplayground merry-go-round with Mom Dorothy; and photo of sister Wendy holding a tiny Blue Gill fish she caught at Lake Julia in Wisconsin on the annual summer stay at a cabin resort there.

Christine Capek Bougard took the photo of niece Urszula Sanchez (Abeyta) poolside at a July 4th family reunion in Woodstock Illinois, and sunset shot in Monument Valley, Utah.

Guillaume Bougard took the sunset shot at Grand Canyon with just the canyon in view, while Jim's cousin Rick Stricklan took the other shot with Jim in the foreground.

Honelyn Meiers took her striking selfie, poised on a mountain in Colorado with the sun in her!

Jerry Tubb captured Jim in one of his favorite "happy places", picking a Gibson L7 vintage jazz guitar at Terra Nova Digital Mastering Studio in Oak Hill, Texas.

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