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Summertree from Sack O' Songs.

Larry Rothwell (1949 - 2008) was from a land of spectacular sunsets, Mitchell County, in West Texas. Blessed with a fine tenor voice, he sang in school choir and took up trombone, which he later traded for guitar. Singing and songwriting soon became a focal point in his life, and remained so throughout his years. Larry traveled extensively and managed to weave his experiences from a love of diverse cultures into his music. He expressed a reverence of nature, as well as an insight into the complexities of relationships. A prolific writer, Larry showed an amazing variety of styles, both as a singer and guitarist. His two original CDs, SACK O' SONGS and OK-JUST ONE MORE , plus LARRY FEST the 10 Year Memorial Tribute CD, are available through Front Room Music - just click on the CD covers below.

When I returned to Texas in the late 80s, Larry and I resumed the strong musical bond that we'd formed more than a decade earlier. We rehearsed and recorded many of our songs in the Front Room studio in 1990, while playing weekly at Kent Finlay's songwriter showcase (Headliner's East) on 6th Street. In June 2011, while digging through my archives, I discovered some great recordings of Larry from back then, and with George Coyne's help, have mastered 15 songs into a remarkable CD collection, called YOUNGER DAYS.

OK-JUST ONE MORE (a quip familiar to those who knew Larry), seemed an appropriate title for Larry's second studio album. Recorded and mastered at Parrot Tracks in Manchaca and produced by George Coyne in 2008-09, it features an impressive selection of talented musical contributors. The 2009 follow-up to 2000's SACK '0 SONGS, contains a bakers dozen of Larry originals, ending with a bonus cut (our co-written) danceable, CAJUN LAMENT. The beautiful CD artwork was a concept imagined by Larry!

More than just his sweet high harmonies and tasty guitar licks, I regularly miss his presence...the laughter, jokes, and jibes. Larry will always be with us, and thanks to his magnificent music, there will always be good soundtracks to help us remember the good times. Larry left this realm and went on to the next musical venue in November 2008.

Jim Stricklan 2009/2011