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Where the Soul Never Dies

The Story of John Henry

Red Wing

I Find Jesus

Nine Pound Hammer

I'll Fly Away

Steel Guitar Rag

The Man Upstairs

Lost and Found

Wayfaring Stranger (featuring Doug Taylor)


Produced by Jim & Rick Stricklan
for Kokobilly Music Recordings ~ A subsidiary of FRONT ROOM MUSIC ~ U.S.A.
Recorded & mixed @ Parrot Tracks Studio by George Coyne, 2010 & 2011

Photos by Rick & Lori Stricklan ~ CD Design by Traci Stricklan

Rick Stricklan ~ lead vocals, rhythm & flat-picked lead guitar, and banjo on "I'll Fly Away," and "John Henry."

Jim Stricklan ~ lead & backing vocals, rhythm and finger-picked guitar.

Doug Taylor ~ bass and vocals, mandolin on "Lost and Found," and lead vocal on "Wayfaring Stranger."

Greg Lowry ~ dobro, harmonica, snare drum, bass on "Red Wing;" banjo on "Nine Pound Hammer," "I Find Jesus," and "Where the Soul Never Dies;" mandolin on "Wayfaring Stranger," and backing vocals.

All songs traditional or in public domain, except: "Nine Pound Hammer" by Merle Travis, "Steel Guitar Rag" by Leon McAuliffe, "Lost and Found" by Jimmy Godin, "I Find Jesus" by Jimmy Ibbotson, "The Man Upstairs" by Jim Stricklan; [used by permission]


After my cousin Jim Stricklan had his battle with throat cancer and I had my heart attack, we thought we would record something together just cuz we wanted too. I have to say that the "Just Cuz" CD wasn't just an average project for me, it was an experience. It was my first studio recording and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to record with my cousin Jim Stricklan who has always been a musical inspiration in my life. I am also thankful to have top shelf professional musicians Doug Taylor and Greg Lowry who played and sang from the depths of their hearts. The Peaceful setting of the Parrot Tracks Studio in Manchaca Texas was awesome with the high quality technical experience and directing of studio owner George Coyne... it don't get any better. I am thankful to all four of you for being so patient with me. Greg was on the end of his cancer treatments and Doug was diagnosed with colon cancer and had surgery and chemo treatments throughout the duration of the sessions and still gave it all they had. There is no doubt that the Lord had his hand on this. Because He spoke to me and inspired me through each song, I pray He will speak to and be an inspiration to all who hear "Just Cuz". 

Rick Stricklan

I often wish that my dad, Clarence Stricklan, could’ve lived to enjoy these gifts that have come along in my life. I think he would’ve liked hearing most of the music I’ve made all these years. Mama, God rest her soul, heard a lot of it and was always so encouraging. She's the reason I made "An American Family Album" several years ago. Without the love and confidence expressed by my wonderful friends and family, I might not have continued along the challenging road of making music that I’m still on today. My cousin Rick Stricklan has been on that road with me since the Route 66 signs went up! We've both survived a lot of pot-holes and detours along life's journey. I can still recall us playing our Teisco del Ray guitars in Aunt Etta’s wash room as teenagers...daring to dream where it all might eventually lead. Well, for the past couple of decades, it’s enriched our lives by sharing songs at the annual Stricklan family reunions, from Albuquerque to Austin and Buchanan to Buffalo Gap. And now, praise God, it’s blessed us with the opportunity to bring together a pair of beautiful Martin guitars, the talents of our pals Doug Taylor and Greg Lowry, and a bunch of our favorite songs—-into the recording studio. "Just Cuz" is the humble, heartfelt result. We sincerely hope this music lifts you up, as it never fails to do for us!

Jim Stricklan

Red Wing, by Mills and Chattaway, 1907

There once was an Indian maid
A shy little prairie maid
Who sang away, a love song gay
While on the prairies she whiled away the day
She loved a warrior bold
This shy little maid of old
But brave and gay he rode away
To a battle far away.
Now the moon shines bright tonight on pretty Redwing
The breezes sighing, the night birds crying
The moon shines bright on pretty Redwing
Her brave is sleeping, and Redwing's weeping
Her heart away.
She watched for him day and night
She kept the camp fires bright
And under the skies each night she would lay
And dream about his coming by and by
But when all the braves returned
The heart of Redwing yearned
For far far away her warrior gay
Fell bravely in the fray

Mills adapted the music from Robert Schuman's 1848 piano composition "The Happy Farmer, Returning From Work" from his Album for the Young, Opus 68.