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AUGUST 29, 2009 - Beneath blue Texas sky and just before a late August sunset, about eighty friends, relatives, and fans of Larry Michael Rothwell gathered on the Oak-sheltered patio at Railroad Bar-B-Que {down the road from SummerTree Farm} for a special tribute show and CD release party. It was a fitting tribute to a guy who never placed his songs on the Billboard charts, but, for three decades, left his indelible mark as one of the Lone Star State's most beloved performing songwriters and merrymen. Although his many skills included carpentry, golf, diving, dancing, and joking, Larry was foremost a maker of music. Those privileged to know the man and hear him sing, know what a loss his passing has meant. The guy who often half-jokingly proclaimed, "it isn't easy being me," has left us...but he left us with sparkling memories, a rainbow, and a legacy of songs. Twenty-two amazing songs, in fact, on his two CDs SACK 'O SONGS (2000) and OK...JUST ONE MORE (2009). Five additional Rothwell tunes are on the limited-edition CD compilation GYRO & JIMBO (2008). And there is talk of a multi-artist tribute album in future years.
For those not able to attend Larry's Tribute Party (and we know there were many) we're honored to present a small photo sampling from the event. Thanks to all of you who made the trip and celebrated with us. Long live the memory and music of Larry M. Rothwell.

"Love you, miss you, kiss you, bye" Larry Michael Rothwell 1949-2009