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2012 Duet Compilation

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SUNDAY SONG – with Jean Kilborn (Whereabouts Unknown) ~ 1980

TALE OF TWO – with Leslie Stricklan (Spirit Catchers) ~ 1998

JACOB’S LADDER – with Doug Taylor (Jacob’s Ladder) ~ 2002

HOLD DOWN THE DEVIL – with Gaye Fisher (Jacob’s Ladder) ~ 2002

I MADE HER AN OFFER – with Stephen Fulton (Honky Tonk Fantasies) ~ 1983

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN – with Maryann Price (Universal Sigh) ~ 1997

CAJUN LAMENT – with Larry Rothwell (Previously Unreleased) ~ 2008

WISH I KNEW – with Sara Hickman (Blues for Stephen Foster) ~ 2010

IN BETWEEN LOVERS – with Steve Brown (Previously Unreleased) ~ 2002

GOT MY MOJO WORKING – with Sally Townes (Blues for Stephen Foster) ~ 2010

All songs written and arranged by Jim Stricklan © 2012 Front Room Music ®
except Got My Mojo Working, used by permission


This is a collection of favorite duets and duet partners from three decades of my studio recordings. Although the songs are not tracked in exact chronological order, I did start at the beginning with "Sunday Song" (a duet with Jean Kilborn) recorded in Houston, Texas in 1980. My wife Leslie and I wrote "Tale of Two" (based on the Kokobilly twins) in Austin in ‘98, recorded with the Onion Creek Ramblers. "Jacob’s Ladder," the title song of my gospel album, was recorded in Austin with Doug Taylor around 2002. Gaye Fisher is featured on "Hold down the Devil" from the same album.

Stephen Fulton co-wrote "I Made Her an Offer" and we recorded it in Colorado in 1983. I wrote "To Whom It May Concern" in Chicago and recorded it with Maryann Price in Austin, Texas in ‘97. My longtime singing partner Larry Rothwell co-wrote "Cajun Lament" and sang it on his last album "Okay, Just One More." Our duet version of the song debuts here from a different mix. Sara Hickman shared vocal honors on "Wish I Knew," one of my favorite self-penned ballads. Steve Brown added the last verse to "In Between Lovers" back in the ‘70s, and we eventually recorded it in my Front Room Music studio in 2002.

In 2010, Sally Townes joined me for an extraordinary musical reunion on "Got My Mojo Working." With Sally’s strong New Orleans background, we opted to give the tune a zydeco groove. It was essentially a jam session with most of the banter adlibbed. Sally was a member of my 1967 rock band, The Mojo Hand. "Mojo Working" and "Wish I Knew" were recorded at Parrot Tracks by George Coyne. There’s a lot of history behind all these songs and much of it is on the original albums' liner notes. More to the point, the music has its own story to tell. These duets were sung in magical, spiritual sessions, and I’m privileged to share them with you now.

Photos below of Jim with duet partners: Larry Rothwell, Steve Brown, Doug Taylor, Maryann Price, Sally Townes, Sara Hickman, Steve Fulton and Leslie Stricklan